Boys Rash Vests & Rashies

Our range of classically designed Cat&i boys rash vests are made to offer the ultimate in sun protection to keep them safe when out in the sun. Our quality boys rashies are made from a premium 4 ways stretch fabric, they are comfortable, lightweight, quick drying and made to fit.

Our range has been purposely made to be UPF 50+ which offers sun protection to ensure that they are protected from up to 98% of the UVA and the UVB rays which can be so damaging to their skin. Ensuring that young ones are sun protected now will help them reduce their risk of skin cancers later in life. As their skin is so delicate, it is so important to use sun protection now as well as teach them to be aware of the dangers of the sun. Lessons that will serve them well later in life. According to the Cancer Council, exposure to the sun in younger years dramatically increases the risk of skin cancer in the later years of life. So, protecting them now and preventing sin burn as well as sun exposure can be vitally important to their health.

Our range of rashies have been designed to provide good coverage. Full length sleeves to protect their arms, a high neck line to protect their chest and ensuring a good fit is important when choosing a sun protection top. They also feature a top zip which has been put there to help put on and take off the top. As every parent knows, when you get to the beach or the pool, trying to get them to stand still is no easy feat. Having the top zip helps with easy slip on and off – quick and efficient so they can get back to enjoying life and being kids.

Perfect for wearing both at the beach as well as when outside playing, these rash vests will look great styled with their favourite swimwear as well as with a pair of everyday shorts. The prints have been carefully chosen to be matched with most colours and feature contrast stitching for style and interest. Also, within our range, the boys sun hats have been designed to match the sun protection tops and to complement as a full sin protection outfit. The hats feature a wide brim to cover their face and neck areas. They also feature a drawstring and toggle to keep them firmly in place when running around and playing in the sand and waves.

Our fabrics are made from Polyester Spandex in a premium 4 ways stretch which ensures that it will always provide a great fit, even when in the water. This polyester spandex fabric is also quick drying and chlorine resistant which is handy when they are in and out of the water. This fabric is also lightweight, so it will not get too hot when out in the sun and the 4 way stretch makes it comfortable which is great for all day wear. It has been designed for a snug fit which ensures it will move with them and not be too large on them. Especially when swimming, you will want their rashies to fit and not balloon up around them. Our sizing is true to size, but we do recommend ordering up a size if your little one is in between sizes. Please see our size charts for more information.

Caring for them is easy and we recommend washing with a mild detergent and then drying in the shade. As they are quick drying, they will be ready to be worn in no time! Our boys sun protection tops can be easily purchased with just a click to keep your young ones safe from the sun.

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Customer reviews
Awesome fabric on January 15, 2018
5/5 stars
Awesome fabric, style, great customer service and delivery. Great experience to purchase. No hassles. Thank you Cat&i
Best for women's rashies on March 25, 2018
5/5 stars
The best for men's and women's rashies!If you're looking for good style and good sun protection then CatandI is the best in the business.