Girls Sun Hats

Perfect for giving sun protection whilst playing on the beach, our Cat&i girls sun hats are gorgeous, comfortable, lightweight and offer the ultimate in UPF 50+ sun protection. Featuring a wide brim to protection the face, neck and ears as well as a securing band and toggle to keep it securely in place. Gorgeous colours and prints and a matching rashie and swim shorts are also available in the range.

These days with the sun being so much more intense, sun protection hats are a vital part of keeping out of the sun and protecting your skin from the harsh damaging rays. As the ozone layer is slowly depleting, the more UV rays are hitting our planet which means that we are exposed to a high level of them. UVA rays play a part in premature aging and the UVB rays are linked to skin damage including skin cancers.

Protecting your children whilst they are young is so important as a sun burn in the younger years can dramatically increase their chances of skin cancer later in life. The Cancer Council is estimating that 1 in 3 Australians will have some sort of skin cancer by the time they are 70. Teaching your young ones now about the importance of sun protection will give them good lessons for later in life. Sun protection will become second nature to them which is what we need to teach them now.

Our hats for sun protection have been designed with style in mind and are both fashionable and functional as they are UPF 50+. Featuring a wide brim is so important to give them shade over the face, neck and ears, and the UPF rating of 50+ will protect them from up to 98% of the UVA and UVB rays that they are exposed to whilst playing out in the sun. A band with a toggle is there to keep the hat firmly in place whilst they are running around, giving you peace of mind that it will not slip off.

Our girls hats also can be matched with matching rashies and swim shorts for ultimate sun protection. Our fabrics are a premium 4 way stretch which is lightweight and comfortable, so they can be worn all day. The 4 way stretch ensures that the shape won’t be lost even when wet. Quick drying and chlorine resistant makes them the perfect beach or pool accessory.

Our colours and prints are classic, fun, bright and fashionable. We have chosen each one to ensure that they will not only look good in seasons to come, but can also be matched up with favourite swimwear or summer wear.

Caring for these sun protection hats is easy. If needed, we recommend washing with a mild detergent and then drying in the shade.

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Awesome fabric on January 15, 2018
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Awesome fabric, style, great customer service and delivery. Great experience to purchase. No hassles. Thank you Cat&i
Best for women's rashies on March 25, 2018
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The best for men's and women's rashies!If you're looking for good style and good sun protection then CatandI is the best in the business.