Girls Swim Shorts

Our beautifully designed girls swim shorts are perfect for wearing to the beach and also around the pool. Offering the ultimate in UPF 50+ sun protection they are available in gorgeous prints, are lightweight and comfortable for all day wear plus quick drying makes these the perfect beach accessory for both swimming and sun protection. Featuring both a waist elastic and a drawstring for a comfortable fit.

Designed to be matched with our gorgeous girls rashies, these are the best girls swim shorts Australia. Our colours and prints have been inspired by wanting to make them fun as well as classic so they will look good for seasons to come. Our Pink Polka Dot design is fun, bright and eye catching. Perfect for keeping your eye on where they are! Our Summer Floral is classic and gorgeous. A beautiful mix of black and white flowers which can be matched with other swimwear or sun protection wear.

Our fabrics are made from a premium 4 way stretch fabric which is an 85 polyester 15% spandex mix. Its 4 way stretch ensures that it keeps its shape, even when they have been playing in the water. This fabric is also lightweight which means that it does not get hot and being both lightweight and stretch ensures that it can be comfortable for all day wear.

The fastening of our girls swim shorts is with both an elastic waist and also a drawstring which means that it can be adjusted. This adds to the security that even in the waves, the swim shorts still stay on. The sizing is true to size so you know that the size will fit.

Our range is certified UPF 50+ which means that it provides the ultimate sun protection. A rating of UPF 50+ will help protect the skin from up to 98% of both of the UVA and UVB rays. UVA is the ray which penetrates deeper and can lead to premature aging whilst the UVB rays are the ones that penetrate shallower but are also linked to skin damage including skin cancer.

Teaching your young ones now about how important sun protection is can be crucial to their health as they grow up. The Cancer Council recommends using sun protection every time you are out in the sun and getting burnt as a young one can dramatically increase their chances of a skin cancer when they are older. In fact, it has been estimated by the Cancer Council that 1 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with a skin cancer by the time they are 70.

By instilling good sun protection values and education now, you will set your young ones up for the best chance of not developing skin damage or cancer later in life. And sun protection needn’t be boring or time consuming. Our girls range is fun, bright and you will enjoy mixing and matching pieces with her favourite swimwear.

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