Mens Rash Guard

Ideal for both the beach and water sports, our range of mens rash guards will have you covered for sun protection. In colours that are both classic and on-trend, this range has double contrast stitching across all seams. Lightweight, comfortable, quick drying and offering the ultimate UPF 50+ sun protection.

Our mens rash guard long sleeve has been designed for ultimate sun protection. Featuring a high neck line, it will provide good coverage to the chest area. It also has long sleeves to fully protect arms and shoulders. This rash guard men has been designed for a snug fit with no gaping to ensure that the upper body is fully protected.

Made from a premium 4 way stretch fabric 85% polyester 15% spandex, it is so comfortable to wear that you will be happy to wear it all day. Lightweight and quick drying makes it the perfect accessory for both water sports or hanging on the beach.

Our mens rash guard long sleeve has been purpose made to have a UPF rating of 50+. A UPF rating is to fabric, what SPF is to sunscreen. Hence the higher the UOF rating, the more sun protection. A rating of UPF 50+ can protect you from up to 98% of both the UVA and UVB rays that can do serious skin damage. UVA rays have been associated with premature aging and is the main tanning ray. The UVB rays are the ones that are mainly linked to skin cancers and other types of skin damage.

The high UPF rating is perfect for water activities as water can reflect back UV rays. This means that you are getting a higher percentage of rays as they are not only coming from the sky, but also from the water. Perfect for sailing, kayaking, surfing just to name a few of the popular water activities. Sand also can reflect back UV rays, so what better way to protect yourself than with one of our mens rash guard.

Our colours have been purposely chosen to be both on-trend and classic. We want our rashies to be able to be matched with any swimwear or shorts, wherever they will be worn. Small details such as contract stitching gives it a modern and stylish look which looks great at the beach, by the pool, doing water activities or at a resort.

Our sun protection tops are easy to care for. We recommend washing in a mild detergent and then drying in the shade. A Cat & I mens rash guard will have you looking great and will help keep you sun protected out in the elements.

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Customer reviews
Awesome fabric on January 15, 2018
5/5 stars
Awesome fabric, style, great customer service and delivery. Great experience to purchase. No hassles. Thank you Cat&i
Best for women's rashies on March 25, 2018
5/5 stars
The best for men's and women's rashies!If you're looking for good style and good sun protection then CatandI is the best in the business.