Mens Rashies

Our mens rashies are made in premium 4 way stretch fabric and offer the ultimate in UPF 50+ sun protection. They provide a classic fit and are designed to last with contrast stitching across all seams. Our collection of mens rashies come in a dark blue or lunar rock grey to ensure a match with his favourite swimwear or shorts.

At Cat&I, we have designed our mens collection using premium 85% polyester 15% spandex which features a 4 way stretch. This ensures that they keep their shape when wet and also provide a snug fit. These comfortable, breathable and lightweight mens rashies Australia can be worn all day both in and out of the water. Quick drying in the shade makes them ideal for the beach or whatever water activity you are up to.

The UPF rating is 50+ which means ultimate sun protection by filtering out up to 98% of both the UVA and UVB rays which we are exposed to when outdoors. UVA rays contribute to premature aging as they penetrate the skin at a deeper level that the UVB rays. The UVB rays are less deep but these are the nasty ones that are linked to skin damage including skin cancer. As the ozone layer is thinning out, the intensity of the UV rays are increasing which then puts us at more risk of sun damage and skin cancers. Our fabrics have been tested to ensure they meet the standards and that they provide the UPF 50+ rating of sun protection.

Water and sand are known to be able to reflect back UV rays which is why good sun protection on the beach and in the water are so important. Having a good sun protection top can help ensure that you are taking measures to protect yourself and your skin. Combining these with a high rating SPF sun cream, sunglasses and hat will help provide protection to your skin in particularly your face, neck, ears and upper body.

Designed to fit, our mens long sleeve rashie Australia provides good sun protection with good upper body coverage. The long sleeves help protect the arms and shoulders, whilst the high neckline protects the chest area. Contrast stitching provides an aesthetic appeal to the garment and gives it a look which is widely known and connected with mens rashies. Classic and timeless is how we like to describe our mens range.

At Cat &I, we have endeavored to bring you the best in mens rashies Australia with not only a high UPF rating for good sun protection, but also a rash vest which fits well and is comfortable for all day wear.

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