Tips for Buying Long Sleeve Swimwear Online

September 21, 2020

As we are getting more and more time poor, shopping online seems so much more attractive, efficient and easy. It’s so simple to find something, click on the buy now button and before you know it, it’s on its way to you.

As online shopping is getting so much more popular, the most common question we (and probably other only companies) get asked is around sizing. It is a little more difficult to judge sizing as you don’t physically try it on until you get it delivered.

So, we have tried to make it a bit easier by putting together some tips on how to navigate around this and ensure that you can confidently order the correct size.

  1. Check out the sizing charts

    This may seem like a no brainer, but the sizing charts have been put there for a very good reason. That reason is to help make the right decision on sizing and make sure you are choosing correctly the first time. Each company is slightly different in sizing as we all know and what fits you in one brand may not fit exactly the same in the next brand. Especially with
    long sleeve swimwear or womens long sleeve rashies.

    Womens long sleeve swimwear is designed to be fitted and you may notice that the sizing seems quite small in each size range. This is in most part due to the fact that if you plan to use your top or swimsuit for swimming or other water sports, you will want it to be somewhat fitted.

    The other thing to note is that unlike cotton and other normal clothing fabrics, the long sleeve swimwear fabric is usually built with a 4 way stretch in it and is quick dry. This makes it fit like a second skin and also will not restrict you whilst moving around.

    If you want your rashie top to be a bit more relaxed, then ordering a size up is a great idea as it will not be as fitted and will sit more like a normal everyday top.

  2. Make contact with the company to ask a question

    This is a great idea especially if you aren’t sure about the sizing and are concerned about ordering the wrong long sleeve swimwear or rashguards in Australia online. We get many queries about sizing that we are more than happy to respond to and can often give extra information that is not on the sizing charts such as the sleeve length or the whole top length to make it easier for you to mix and match with your existing bottoms or board shorts.

    Most companies should be able to help you and respond back quickly to alleviate any concerns you may have over the sizing on their range. Most websites will have a contact us button or link somewhere on their site, so use it and ask those questions to help you make the right decision.

  3. Make sure that your item can be returned or exchanged

    Another nice safety net to have when online shopping for is to make sure that the item can at the very least be exchanged and even returned if the fit or the look is not right for you.

    As easy is it to purchase online, it is just as easy to return or exchange it. Just knowing that you have these options available to you makes it easier to buy. It’s just like going into a normal shop and buying something which once home, you realise that is not right for you. Then next time you are at the shops, you take it back in for an exchange.

    Doing this online can actually be easier as you are usually emailed the
    return post label, attach it onto the parcel and then just drop into the post

  4. Ordering 2 different sizes

    Another trend that we are seeing is people ordering 2 different sizes so they can try them on in the comfort of their own home and make that decision right there for the one that fits correctly. This is a great idea especially if you are wavering between two different sizes and let’s face it, buying womens long sleeve swimwear at the best of times is never easy. 

    Having the option of looking at both can be peace of mind before committing to which one to keep and then it is so easy to send the other one back for a refund.

Buying online for long sleeve swimwear in Australia should be fun, not daunting, and utilizing these tips will hopefully make it easier for you. Use all the resources available to you, as you would in a physical store and you will find that you feel more confident making the right decision.

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