Summer Checklist for Great Sun Protection

September 12, 2017

Ever get caught out forgetting the vital things to take when you are going to the beach for the day? Well we have put together this list of everything you will need and works great as a checklist so you don’t leave the house without everything you need to stay cool and with the all-important sun protection.


Well this one is a given as in this day and age, you will always need a good protective sun screen to slather on. The higher the SPF the better and a 50+ sunscreen can help filter out up to 98% of the damaging UV rays.


Shade is always good, whether it is to escape the intense heat of the sun or to offer sun protection. Plus, it is great for leaving all your personal effects under so they don’t get cooked by the sun. i.e.: phone, water, picnic lunch….


A hat is always a good way to not only protect your shoulders, neck and face from the sun. But a big floppy hat always looks good.

Cooler bag

A cooler bag is a must if you are planning to stay a while at the beach to keep your water and packed lunch cool, and of course the kids snacks and fruit.

 Rash guard

A rash guard will help keep you protected from the sun. A UPF 50+ garment can keep out up to 98% of the UV rays to help protect you and your family. We have a range of rash guards for the whole family: womens, mens, boys and girls.


A good pair of sunglasses can help protect your eyes from the UV radiation as UV rays can cause damage to the eyes including cataracts and cancers (Cancer Council Australia). A large pair of sunglasses can look great, especially teamed up with a fashionable large floppy hat. Very chic!


Important to take some water with you unless there is a kiosk nearby where you can get water. It’s important to keep hydrated when out in the sun. Another great idea is to freeze some bottles of water so they remain cold while defrosting.

Remember, sun protection is key in the harsh summer sun to help protect you and your family.

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