Consider Boys Rashies For Sun Protection

October 15, 2018

Coming into the summer months and it is time to start looking at sun protection again for this season. As the sun is getting stronger, it is becoming more and more important to look at sun protection.

The Cancer Council is always saying Slip Slop Slap Seek Slide and these 5 important actions are what is going to keep both your young ones safe and limit their potential of damage from the sun. Slop on sunscreen is probably the most common one that parents do over summer but slipping on sun protection clothing is something that parents can probably do more of. There is a growing trend of parents dressing their young ones in sun protection which is great and this trend is only going to continue. Even if they are out in the sun for 10 minutes, it is still worth considering making them wear one.

Putting your child in a rashie gives them an added line of defense from the sun’s harmful rays and here at Cat & I, our main focus is sun protection and bringing out rashies that are functional. Functional as sun protection as well as functional in design. Our boys rashies Australia have been designed to be easy to put on and take off. A top zip helps with making it easy to out on especially when they will not stand still long enough for you to pull it over their heads!

Having a high UPF rating is also important as this is the measure to how much sun it will protect them from. Looking at UPF 50+ boys rashies, they will protect from up to 98% of the UVA and UVB rays. Looking at also how they fit is important as you want them to be both comfortable but also the rashie to have a snug fit, so it does not balloon up when they get in the water. Looking for a fabric which is comfortable will help them be happy to wear one and look for a fabric which has got a 4 way stretch in it and is lightweight.

Other ways of adding in sun protection for kids is to look at slapping on a hat. Especially a hat which has got a wide brim which can protect their faces, necks and ears from the sun. Essentially you want this hat to cover any exposed skin which can be susceptible to sunburn.

Seeking shade is another really great way of minimizing your child’s exposure to the sun, especially during the most intense hours of the day. Usually between 10am and 4pm, the sun is at its strongest. As this is not always practical, having other sun protection means such as sunscreen, rashies and a hat can help keep them safe and protect them.

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