Easy Ideas for Sun Protection

September 08, 2017

We all hear about it, know about it and get told about it constantly. Cover up, use sunscreen, protect your skin etc. Yes, it has well and truly been proven that the sun’s harmful rays do cause skin cancer and did you know that Australia is known as the skin cancer capital of the world? (Australian cancer council).

But then also how many times have you just avoided lathering on sunscreen as it just seems like another thing to add into your busy daily schedule? Another layer of cream to put over your body which takes up precious minutes. Well, we have come up with a few ideas for sun protection to make it easy for you…

 Use SPF makeup

A great way of ensuring you never leave the house with sun protection on your face is to invest in a makeup which has got SPF added to it. There are so many brands that now offer this type of protection that you will be spoilt for choice.

A SPF body lotion

Similar to the makeup, there are now a few brands of body lotion that contain SPF sun protection in them. Mind you, they are not as high in SPF sun protection as a sun cream (or as protective) but they could be an idea for days when you are getting incidental sun such as at work or shopping…

 Cover up with SPF clothing

One great idea is to wear clothing ie. Rash guards or sun protection clothing with an SPF rating which can help block out the sun’s rays and are really easy to slip on. Cat&I have got a great range of UPF 50+ garments which look really good as well as help block out up to 98% of the damaging UV rays.

 Seek Shade

Although you still get exposure to UV rays in the shade, it’s a great idea to seek the shade out during the hours when the sun is at its strongest. This is generally between 10am and 4pm.

Even better, why not don a fashionable wide brim hat and sunglasses which can look great and can offer some sun protection in and out of the sun.

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