How to Style your Long Sleeve Rashie Womens Perfectly

May 02, 2019

If you have been lost for how to perfectly style and match your sun protection with your swimwear and still look good, well you are not alone. Most of us look in dismay at the collection of prints, colors and styles of our swimwear and wonder how we are going to pull it off. At Cat & I, being able to mix and match our sun protection with your swimwear is important to us as we also want you to look and feel good about protecting your most precious asset - your skin.

This is why our range has been created with you in mind. Our prints and colours are picked especially to be classic and stylish. This means that it is so much easier for you to find something that can complement your existing wardrobe. You don’t want to have to go out and buy new swimwear just so you can match, it can get a bit expensive. So here are our tips on how to match our womens long sleeve rashie:

  1. If your swimwear is bright and of a beautiful print, look for something more toned down for a rashie. For example, matching your bikini with a sold print such as our Jet Black or even the Denim Print can work in nicely. Remember you want to have a bit of restraint when mixing bright colours together as sometimes too many different prints and colours can actually work against you.
  2. If you have got a solid color bikini such as a black or a blue, try mixing it up with a top which has got a bit of colour and a nice print to it. This can add another dimension and a top such as our Navy Rope can look fabulous when mixed with solid colours.
  3. Even if you are looking for sun protection to be worn with your outdoor clothing as more active wear when walking or outside doing the garden, the same principles can apply here. Try matching a solid top with patterned pants/skirt/shorts or a patterned top with a solid colour in the bottoms.
  4. For resort wear, our range looks fabulous matched with white bottoms and something to keep in mind to wear whilst sipping afternoon cocktails. Look cool, glamorous and protected from the sun.
  5. Our last tip is more how to accessorize your new look and perfect for cocktail hour after the beach or at a resort. A gorgeous pair of sandals always look so chic and can take your look to a dressier level. Add to that a pair of earrings and lip gloss to really work that beach babe look!

We hope that this helps and gives you some pointers as to how to make your womens long sleeve rashie really work for you ☺

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