Selecting the Best Rash Guard Shirt for the Sunny Weather

October 11, 2019

Are you pondering what kind of rashie shirt you should be wearing when it is sunny? This is a common question that we get asked as there are so many different styles and it comes down to which one is right for you.

Here are 7 things to consider when you are selecting a rash guard shirt and hopefully this can help demystify this for once and for all.

1. The design or the style of the top is important as you will want to have something that works well with whatever activity you are planning to do in it. There are so many activities outside in the sunny weather and you need to make sure that it is practical.

If you are planning to get wet doing activities such as swimming or any other water-based sports, you will want to look at something that is a bit of a more snug fit. This way, the top will not balloon out around you when you are trying to move through the water and create some kind of drag. It becomes almost part of you when you are wet, and you will find it much easier getting in and out of the water.

If you are wanting something that you can wear for a game of golf or gardening or even just being out and about outdoors, by all means look at something that is a bit more of a relaxed fit. This will be more comfortable to move around in and it won’t restrict you when moving a bit more vigorously.

2. The colour is something to think about also as you ideally want it to match something that you already have in your closet at home. If you are planning to wear it to the beach, then you will have swimwear in mind that you will not want it to clash with. If it is more of an outdoors top, then matching it to a pair of shorts or pants is important too. Look at all the solid colours and prints available and work out what will look best with what you have got to help you make the colour decision or choice.

A good way to think about it is that if you have got a patterned swimsuit, maybe look at a solid colour rashie shirt womens to pick out one of the colours in the swimwear. If you have got solid colour swimwear, check out some of the gorgeous prints that could match in beautifully.

3. The UPF rating is important to consider too as this is the filter which protects you from the sun’s rays. Ideally you want a high UPF rating as this will ensure that you are protected from a high percentage of the UVA and the UVB rays. The higher the UPF rating, the better. For example, a UPF rating of 50+ can filter out up to 98% of the UV rays which is great as this is very effective sun protection.

4. Look at the type of neckline that you would like as everyone has got different preferences as to how much they want covered and also the look of the top. One of the more popular styles is the high neckline with a full-length front zip. This ensure that you have got the option of a high neckline when the zip is done completely up which is great for full sun protection on the neck and chest area. Then if you wanted something which was a bit more open or for a bit of extra ventilation, you can then position the zipper down a bit too.

This can look fabulous when just lazing around the pool – but don’t forget the sun cream on the exposed areas of skin that are not covered as the last thing you want is to get burnt by the sun.

5. The sleeve length is also a personal choice as some people prefer long sleeves for full arm sun protection whereas others prefer shorter styles. Again, this is a choice as for what you are wanting to wear the rashie shirt for and also what you like. Again, you will want to cover any exposed skin with a high SPF suncream if you are wearing one with shorter sleeves and also remember to put it on your hands too – even with the full length sleeves.

6. Look at the fabric to find something that is going to be comfortable to wear. Most are made from either nylon or polyester with a bit of spandex or lycra in there. This gives the fabric a 4 way stretch which is important for not only comfort but also if you are planning to wear it in the water. The 4 way stretch is great are ensuring that it will keep its shape when it is wet and also after it is dried, it will bounce back to what it should be.

7. Some rashie shirts womens styles are a bit more elaborate with fashion accessories such as bling type zip pullers or end caps on neck ties to give it a real fashion sense. These types are great for not only wearing out and about, but also at a lovely resort. They can be mixed with flowing pants for the afternoon cocktail in the bar by the pool and will have you looking fabulous as well as sun protected. Even matched with swimwear, they give a great sense of style. Hopefully these will help you make up your mind at what style you should choose to wear on a sunny day and that it is something that is right for what you are planning to do to enjoy your day.

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