What to Wear Under a Ladies Rashie?

August 13, 2019

Ever wondered what to wear under a ladies rashie? This is a question that many of us ask, especially if wearing sun protection is something new to us. We have all heard the warnings from the cancer Council about the strength of the sun and the associated skin cancer risk. One of the effective ways that they recommend protecting yourself is to wear clothing with sun protection.


So, what is that? This simply put is an article of clothing which acts as a filter between your skin and the sun. The sun emits UV rays that are strong and actually are getting stronger due to the thinning ozone layer and also the ozone hole. These UVA and UVB rays are the culprits that are responsible for being able to cause skin cancers and also the dreaded premature aging. In these times with the sun so damaging, it is really important to start taking it seriously and to look at taking precautions against getting harmed from the sun.


So, what do you wear under your ladies rashie? Well that depends on you and why you are wearing the garment for in the first place. Most people correlate sun protection clothing with the beach. As this is where rashies were first conceptualized, there is a strong relationship between these two. Other places you might be wearing it is on the golf course, or gardening or just if you are simply out and about during the day and want to be sun safe.


Most times at the beach, you will find that wearing a bikini top or a swim top underneath can be great for it you want to take it off at certain times. The main reason you will remove it is if you are going in and out of the water and would like to dry it. Here, drying is easy as it dries in minutes in the shade which is great. If you aren’t planning on swimming and you aren’t going to take it off, simply an undergarment or a bra (if the top doesn’t have an inbuilt bra) can work well. You will also find that the fabric is not too hot to wear, actually it can be cool as it keeps the direct sun off your skin.


Some of the ladies rashies Australia are in the form of a dress or even a convertible top which means that it is easily converted between a dress and a swim top thanks to ties up the side so you can adjust the length to what you prefer. These garments are perfect for wearing at a resort and the fabric is thick enough that it doesn’t show what is underneath at all. Just wearing undergarments with the dress and you will look chic and sum safe all at the same time.


Sizing is also a consideration depending on the activity you are wanting it for. For water sports and activities, going for Something a little more figure hugging can be great as it will ensure that it moves with you when you are in the water. If using it for fishing, golf or even gardening, you will probably want a bit more room to move in it and hence will be more comfortable.


Wearing sun protection between the hours of 10am and 4 pm (or whenever the UV index is at its highest) can be so important to your health and your skin. The UV index is at its highest when the sun is directly above us and those nasty UV rays some directly down. This is for the UVB rays which are the skin cancer ones. What you also need to be aware of is the UVA rays which are the ones primarily associated with premature aging. These ones are unfortunately prevalent all day whilst it is light. The only real safe time away from the UV rays is when the sun has set, and it is dark. This is why we need to become so much more diligent with how we protect ourselves and our health from the sun with the use of clothing for sun protection.


The great thing is that they are now more fashionable than ever, and you can find some that even look like active wear which is currently all the rage. From zip front tops, to really unique and creative designs and styles, there is something for everybody and also something to suit everybody shape. What to wear underneath it is a simple choice of swimwear or undergarments depending on what activity you are doing and working out what works best for you.


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