Womens Rashies on Vacation

April 22, 2019

As we are now starting to get into the cooler months and even freezing months if you are further down South, you totally should start thinking about planning a vacation. One of the best parts about going on a mid-winter getaway to a warm location is the actual planning. There are so many awesome places to go and we are so lucky here in Australia with our proximity to some of the worlds best beaches and resorts.

Australia boasts of some of the most beautiful and idyllic beach resorts for that necessary mid winter getaway from anywhere in the world. From Queensland to the Northern Territory and then Western Australia. All the coastline area in fabulous, including islands which you have such a great choice from the fun family resort to the more luxurious exclusive type resort. Something for everyone and every budget.

Lets not forget about the pacific islands close to us which are not a huge plane flight away. Fiji conjures up images of complete relaxation, cocktails by the pool and living on that they call ‘Fiji time’. Which is where time almost stands still, and nothing moves fast at all. Tahiti and New Caledonia are also great locations to check out - amazing diving, snorkeling, resorts and beaches.

Asia also offers an amazing number of fabulous places to go to escape the cold. Lots of Australians keep going back to places like Bali or Thailand year after year as there is so much that these places can offer. Relatively inexpensive and warm, what is not to like here. Again a vast array of hotels or resorts to stay in and something for every budget and taste. Even airfares can be inexpensive to get there too, just keep an eye out for airfare sales as every so often there is an absolute cracker of a sale.

Yes, planning the trip is almost as much fun as actually going on it. So many choices will keep you researching for hours and the best thing about having so much choice? Being able to plan next years trip too!

When it gets down to things to pack and take with you, don’t forget the sun protection. Womens rashies will be your best friend and most important thing to pack in your suitcase as who wants a nasty sunburn whilst on holiday? Look out for womens rashies with zip as these are so versatile to wear and look great paired with both swimwear and resort wear. Just remember, the more UPF you wear when out by the pool or beach, the more fun you will have. The perfect summer accessory is a rashie womens to keep you safe from the sun as well as look great. To find the perfect rashie for you, either check out our gorgeous range or simply google womens rashies Australia to find the perfect one for you.

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